Monday, June 30, 2008

By the Sea

We have been enjoying different excursions each day.Yesterday we caught the train into Oslo and had a wonderful time walking along the waterfont there, sampling different flavours of icecream and browsing the trendy shops. We were on a hunt for a wonderful wool shop that Melissa had visited earlier, but were unable to find it until we saw the name " Husfliden" on a shop further down the street. It was 2.55pm and the shop closed at 3.00pm. I embarrassed my family by sprinting down that road as fast as roadrunner...just got there in time to buy 10 balls of beautiful alpaca 4 ply, in gorgeous shades of blues, greens, teals and acquas.

This is the Nobel Peace Center.
The "World Knitting Day" was held here a couple of weeks ago...I would have loved to have been there for that special event.

Today we visited a market in a nearby little town and then had a picnic on the beach...the sea was icy cold,but the locals were toughing it out.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy times in Norway

Here we are in a cooler Norway after hot temperatures in Rome, rather nice actually and the landscape is very green and lush.
Of course, these little ones are the main attraction , and we were so very pleased to see them.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Singapore colours

We arrived in Singapore last night after a 10 hour flight. It was a lovely balmy 27degrees and we hit the showers and then straight to bed...bliss!
Spent some time this morning looking around a little and doing some shopping...Uncle Allan had left his toilet bag behind in Nelson, so we restocked him with the essentials and then came back to the hotel for a late lunch and then a little nap.
Outside the Galleria in downtown Singapore, waiting for the bus to take us back to the hotel.

We board the plane for Rome at 1.15 am and I am not really looking forward to that flight very much... another 12 hours. That's what happens when you live at the bottom of the world.

These beautiful orchids are growing outside the Hotel Orchid where we are staying.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

We are off on our adventure!

Just a quick post before we leave tomorrow. Lots of family special times today.
I am going to miss everyone so much, and I am already looking forward to coming home again, but it is going to be marvellous to see Melissa and Tom and the children and visit beautiful Norway.

Bye, bye Mum , keep smiling and stay well and happy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Meercat?

I found this little chap sunning himself in my garden. Not completely sure of his identity, I followed him as he jumped from one spot to another. I suppose he might have been in search of food, or maybe he was looking for a little friend, or perhaps something to wear, as it is a winter's day after all.

I certainly think that he was trying to communicate with me ,

so I found him something to wear and a feijoa to eat, and he has decided to stay.

He told me that you can find more of his brothers and sisters here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Warm and Cosy

I finished two cardigans last week, one little one for my youngest granddaughter Fern, and the Buckland cardigan from Rowan for me.

It is such a good feeling to finally stitch together the knitting and to try it on for the first time.

This was a big success. I first spun the yarn from Ewe Give Me the Knits and then made a little cardigan using the pattern "Mya"from Rowan Junior.

I was very happy with my cardigan as well. I used Noro Silk Garden, and once I got going it knitted up very quickly indeed.

I shall probably take it with me on our trip. We are going to the summit of Mt Titlis in Switzerland at the end of our holiday and I have been told that at the top it is very very cold, and warm layers are needed! At the bottom of the mountain it could be 22 degrees and at the top minus eight ! I shall need to make sure my camera is well charged that day because I know I shall want to take thousands of photos!

I had a lovely surprise in my letter box this morning. Some more soft goodness from Mandy at Ewe Give me the Knits. I had completely forgotten that I had suscribed to her special club, wherein she sends me 100grams of fibre every month.
It looks rather like candy floss doesn't it, hmmm I think just as delicious!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm back before I've left

I see that my last entry was at the beginning of April and I was certainly feeling bogged down with all that was happening then. It has been a crazy and non - productive time for me, that is until last week, when I happened to be staying in the house all my myself..home alone... as it were.
Phew, I found my creative self again at last and have been so happy to have the time to sew and knit and finish projects that have been sitting around for too long.

Here is the Hot Diamond Quilt all ready for me to sandwich together for quilting when I return from our trip.

Hot colours for a cold winter's day.
A pot of cyclamens,

Hibiscus still flowering, but only just !

and my beloved old favorite...Winter Sweet, the scent of this is just divine.

We have one more week before we start our travels to Italy, and then Norway to catch up with Melissa and her family. I hope to continue this blog whilst I am away, so you can share our holiday too.