Saturday, August 30, 2008

Following the flower trail

I had such fun this morning with my anniversary draw. I wrote all your names on tiny pink post it notes, and put them into my favorite Port Meirion cup. I gave it a little shake up as I danced around my kitchen, closed my eyes and drew out Kimberlee's name.

Because here in New Zealand we are coming into Spring, I thought I would cut some floral fabrics.
I am mad about flowers all year round actually. I never become tired of their colours and shapes and their wonderful fragrances and I love to work with them in my quilts. I am constantly trying to reproduce them in drawings and pictures.

This was a little black sketchbook that I took with me on our trip overseas. It wasn't taken out of my bag very often, instead I used my camera and now that I am home again I have a little more time to play with my pencils.
Sweetpeas are my favorite, as I think I might have already mentioned on a previous post

and roses have to come a close second, oh, but then what about bluebells, hyacinths, freesias, tulips, larkspur, candytuft, pansies, zinnias, hollyhocks and lily of the valley ??

Maybe I don't have favorites after all. As usual my greedy nature takes over once again and I have decided that I adore them all equally.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and for participating, it has been a lot of fun.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One year

Today I awoke to bright sunshine, and a tui perched on this frangipani tree right outside my bedroom window.

I looked a little further and this is what I sawThe sea is the same colour as the sky and it looks as if the ship is floating above the paddocks.

Every day the spring flowers are growing more lovely and it is such a treat to bring them into the home.

This week is also the first anniversary of this blog. 103 posts altogether and I wrote the first post at the end of August last year.
I thought that I would celebrate by sending some fabrics from my stash, a very untidy stash I am ashamed to say.

but I would love to send some fat quarters to someone who makes a comment in the next three days. I will put your names in a draw. Please remember that I can only respond to comments if you provide your email address or make your blogger profile available, or you can email me directly. Good luck!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coming back

This last week or so has been filled with catching up with family and friends and becoming used once again to our rhythm of life here.

Our youngest daughter Sarah has been home, taking a break from uni and making lots of plans for the next six months, and trying to complete an assignment that is due when she returns next week. Her 21st birthday is almost here, and we have been talking non- stop about the celebration she is going to have in September..exciting!

We went to visit Tamsin (middle daughter) and her three gorgeous girls. Tamsin took us to her favorite wool shop where she lives and I bought some wool to make her a skirt.

which of course I had to start straight away. The wool is Cleckheaton Country Silk and Cleckheaton Mohair, both 8 ply. I couldn't resist the colours.
I am knitting this on a circular needle, so I won't have any seams to sew. Tamsin has just completed her first sock, and it is beautifully knitted..I think she is well and truly hooked now!

I am knitting this as well for number one son, Tristan. He could do with it right now as it is very cold where he is farming, but he will have to wait for his birthday in October.

Cobblestone Pullover, knitted on a circular needle with Naturally Tussock 10 ply.

There are signs of the coming Spring all around us, and I marvel again about the very special light we have here.
I have some serious work ahead of me in the garden, the flowers are fighting for a space amongst all the weeds, but this is the time of year I like the most in the garden. It is not too hot or dry, and I am often surprised by little gems that I had forgotten I had planted earlier.

This quilt top has had some attention this week , and I am off to do some more right now.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

To the Southern Alps

At Zurich Airport we met Uncle Alan and boarded our plane for Singapore. Alan looked great after his seven weeks in Italy, and he was very reluctant to come home !

Singapore was having their National Day and the place was buzzing. Lots of happy, smiling people , heaps of colour everywhere , and of course the beautiful orchids.

When we arrived back in NZ at Christchurch Airport we were all shocked at how cold it was, but luckily for me I had finished these socks on the plane ( yes, I knitted on ALL the flights, with my trusty little bamboo needles that fit in a pencil case) and was able to wear them on the final flight home.
Over the spectacular Southern Alps, and

home again.

Thank you all so much for your comments throughout this journey, and I hope to catch up with all of you now I am back with my laptop..yay!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From the Swiss Alps

Our last three days in Europe were spent in Zurich, where we were lucky to experience a ride to the top of Mount Titlis. We were so fortunate to wake to a glorious day and the views from the summit were spectacular

This picture reminds me so much of the book "Heidi" that I read as a child, actually the beautiful little villages near to the mountain were exactly as I had imagined them to be, all those years ago.
without the tall apartment buildings of course!
We had a delicious Italian meal here . My choice was a plate of mushrooms with a side dish of saffron rissotto. The flavours were exquisite.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cars and Boats and Planes

We have been doing an awful lot of driving along Englands motorways and the smaller roads as well, and so as a consequence, I have been doing an amazing amount of knitting, whilst being my superb driver's navigator! Finished these socks for Ian this morning, just in time for the flight home.

From Hampshire we travelled up to Oxfordshire and visited some charming Cotswold villages, along with thousands of other people all discovering the same place!

We have experienced some thunder and lightening and torrential rain in the little country town of Stroud, and we thought to find some sun in Cornwall where my cousins were camping at a beautiful Bay near Padstow.It wasn't to be however, but we had a very happy time catching up with them, and the rain didn't put us off beautiful Cornwall, with it's very rugged coastline that reminded me of the Ring of Kerry in Ireland.

We have visited quite a few Castles and Cathedrals whilst we have been touring England.
Gloucester cathedral was a favourite of mine.

When we arrived back in Kent after our travels, I was able to present the completed pullover to my Uncle. I made him try it on straight away and was very relieved to find that it fitted him perfectly.I sewed it up as we were driving along so it hadn't been blocked, but still looked good and will keep him cosy on his walks down the lanes and countryside.

Oh, and a plane to catch for Zurich on tuesday morning.