Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Workshop time

With hot temps. outside and a few hours on my own, I have been able to spend some time in my cool workshop , well it's actually not that cool, but with the doors and windows open it gives the illusion of a little oasis.

I have a plan, and although I know I probably shouldn't have started ANOTHER quilt I truly couldn't help myself.
This one is the first of a series I am doing for my grandchildren. They are all going to be bright and scrappy and I am selecting fabrics with a certain colour scheme in mind for each child.

It was inspired by a T-shirt that Esmae was wearing down the bay, the colour was a gorgeous orange with a teal and green motif .Purple and pink are pretty popular with her too.

Then because I was feeling a wee bit guilty at starting yet another new project, I thought I would spend some of the precious time working on, and finishing projects from previous years.

This is Melissa's quilt that I am handquilting with these threads,

It was supposed to have been finished for her birthday a couple of years ago, but maybe I will have it ready for this year's birthday.

I have almost finished quilting this blue and white quilt. I think I shall use it as a top for my dining table as I have some pretty blue spode china plates on the wall ..... they can be the backdrop!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Summer days

I'm back after a few blissful days at the Marlborough Sounds.
Thought I would share some pics of our time there.

This is Fern about to go kayaking with her Mama.

Esmae on one swing,

and Phoebe on another.

Treasures to be found and shared.

Esmae and I made some fresh pasta. It was our first attempt and we used real Italian flour from the Mediterranean Warehouse, and our own fresh farm eggs. I thought it was the best I had ever tasted!

I came home with lots of ideas for a series of quilts for these little girls. I even managed a quick visit to the local quilt shop whilst I was away to increase my stash a little. I might show you a little peek when I have had time to play over the next few days.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Going to the Bay

On Monday we are going to spend a few days down the Sounds. We don't have a good internet connection there so I probably will have a wee break from my computer and blogging.

Many thanks for all your comments on the new grandchild coming. We have five little granddaughters and just one grandson, so a little boy would be rather special, although my Dad grew up with seven sisters and two brothers. That huge feminine imput taught him many skills, and those sisters ( my Aunts) have had a lasting influence on my life. So no pressure, oh pregnant one...girls are great, and you can never have too many ...hehe.
I have always found family life, and sibling relationships to be very fascinating. I have just one sister and no brothers and I knew from a very early age that I wanted a large family of my own.
With very different personalities and equally different points of view on a huge range of subjects it makes for an extremely entertaining time when we are all together.
The next few days at the Bay I am looking forward to some of my family and friends staying,( the ones who still live close by) I think it will be one of those memorable times somehow !

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A whisper

I heard some exciting news on New Years day.
We are going to have another grandchild, and as I was packing my bag for Auckland I hurriedly put in some wool and a crochet hook in case there was the odd hour that I could dream up a new baby blanket.

I started this square one night , but still wasn't sure if it was what I was wanting......

so the next night I started a ripple blanket,

and I am very pleased with the result. It is lovely and soft and will be just right for the little one coming in September.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Strings and Things

Delphiniums from the garden....... nothing at all to do with the post, I just love the colours of this pic.

I am packing a bag today and my thoughts are already flying ahead of me to a destination that I try to attend every year in January....The String Quartet Summer School in Auckland.

Here there is no television, no children or family members requiring attention or food, no shopping or computers, but seven days and nights of intense music making and playing our stringed instruments with like minded friends. At night we are treated to wonderful concerts given to us by professional players, usually from The NZSO or Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

All are meals are provided and there are no problems to solve, other than sightreading a piece of music that is completely new, and facing a few challenges when it comes to the performance, a few stiff necks and shoulders from having the violin permanently placed under the chin...hmm that reminds me to pack some tiger balm. Not to mention the late nights staying up to play Mendlesohhn's Octet very badly, or brazenly cheating at Pictionary or a game of five hundred.
It is all immense fun and I won't return until the 12th January.

So I will see you then..............

I hope you all enjoy a great start to the New Year with time to do all the things you love the most.