Friday, November 26, 2010


I am finding it hard to write anything at all today.

My heart is full and my thoughts are with the miners and their families and loved ones.

This is a poem/song for them and for us.

Grace from the Prayer Cycle By Jonathan Elias. This little album has helped me in times past, and brings comfort and healing.

A big thank you to all of you who left comments and concern for Eve. The management and I have come to a very good compromise and Mum is still able to have her showers most days .....phew !!

Some goodness and grace prevailed.

A very big heartfelt thanks to you Dee, and any other of Mum's caregivers who are reading this. I appreciate your love and concern for my Mum so much !

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am washing the quilt that I made for my Mum several years ago. It usually resides on her bed in the hospital wing of the retirement home she lives in.

This is my Mum, Eve.

Two weeks ago, she was 82 on November the 1st, and for the last seven years ( since my Dad died) she has been living in a small room, in a large retirement home, just ten minutes away from our farm.

I took the photo with my IPhone in a cafe here at Mum's faourite place.
Kaiteriteri. Lots of happy memories for her here with my Dad, swimming and sunbathing.

Ian and I take Eve out at the weekends. Sometimes she just comes home with us, and we feed her yummy foods that she doesn't have at the rest home. Eve loves to spend time with her great grandchildren.

Today I am feeling slightly powerless on her behalf. She has been told by the nursing care manager of her home that she can no longer enjoy daily showers. She is to be showered twice a week and the rest of the time will have to make do with a wash in the morning, and another in the evening.

For Eve this is devastating. She is paralysed on one side of her body( since she was 50 yrs old) and spends all her time in a wheelchair, and the time she has by herself in her shower chair in her bathroom, is something she looks forward to so much. Many times I have visited her room and I have heard her singing away in the shower.

I have made earnest and heartfelt pleas for her this morning, but all to no avail.

One more loss for her that has seen her stripped of practically everything ( especially freedom of choice ) in the last seven years, her life reduced to a small room overlooking a carpark !

I was told that is is standard practice for ALL the aged in hospital care of the rest homes throughout NZ.

Friday, November 12, 2010

In the garden

November is proving to be a very busy month for me, and all week I have been trying to find an hour or two to spend in the garden. Today is the day !

A first time for washing the quilt I finished in the winter. It shouldn't take long to dry, and I can have it back on the bed tonight.

A beautiful sunny day here, and I have been planting more sweet peas, stocks, foxgloves, delphiniums, lobelia, campanella and cosmos.

I am hoping to spend some time stitching on this fabric garden this afternoon. Once I start I don't like to put it down, and I have only three more flowers and a leaf to add to the panel.

Have a great weekend everyone, I am wishing you all sunny skies, and some time in a garden !

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Cushion

Yesterday I had a visit from a dear friend who has been living in Auckland, doing grandmotherly things up there. It was so nice to catch up again and once we had chatted about our children and their offspring, of course our conversation ran on to knitting .
I showed her what I had on the needles and what had been discarded and left behind,
and her suggestion was...that zigzag blanket would make a perfect cushion !

So today I sewed two sides, slipped an inner into the opening and crocheted it together.

and now I am having fun placing it in different places to see how it looks and feels.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Early Rising

I have never been one for getting up early, I prefer to stay up late at night and to leisurely take my time in the morning awaking to the new day.

However, this last week or so has seen me throwing off the quilt soon after six am each day, and joining Ian for a bike ride down to the local sea shore, and I have loved it ( mostly !).

Today though, Ian had to rise even earlier to start work, and I decided to spend a few hours before breakfast working in the garden.

It was great working out there in the early morning quietness, and I was there to see the sun come up over the hill...bliss.

I was surprised to see how much I managed to accomplish in just those few hours. My Mother -in -law used to enjoy this time of the day the best as well, before it gets too hot and the day's activities have you wilting and wanting a lie down !

Now right through until March, life is going to be full and very busy with most of our work happening through the Summer months.

The first of our summer visitors are arriving today to stay in the cottage, and our house down the Bay will soon be full up too. So there will be a lot of coming and going.....all very exciting.!

Ian is making hay today,

and this is the first cut for the season. I am hoping he won't have too many problems with his baler and wrapper this year.