Monday, October 25, 2010

Cherry blossom and lilac and thoughts of Japan

When these pretty pink blossoms are out, my thoughts turn to Japan. I have never visited Japan, but I would love to go there one day ( sooner rather than later ! )

I have a friend who travels there quite regularly and she comes home full of wonderful stories about the magnificent weaving, silks, kimonos, architecture, food....endless delights actually. She has me dreaming of exotic train journeys and visits to see how the silks are woven.

I was given some beautiful Japanese fabrics for my birthday and have been cutting and stitching, not having a preconceived idea, but just allowing the fabrics to "talk" to me. I had thought of hand stitching sashiko through the layers, but realised yesterday that I am not going to have time if I want this to be ready for Christmas, so am trying out another idea I had, using fine crochet cotton in my sewing far it is working very well.
I have dyed some cottons in a dye bath of indigo that my friend was using for her weaving, and have used these in the quilt also.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beautiful Things

Leo in his new knits,

A red geranium soon to be planted in the garden.

My new red jug and the last of the freesias, with the music that I am playing here in a few weeks.

I found Jascha Heifetz playing the 1st movement of Bruch's Scottish Fantasia. This is one of the pieces we are playing soon, and it is fast becoming another favourite.

I am feeling like Kat Edmonson she is. Take a listen, it will make you feel lucky and happy too.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Some unexpected time spent in the garden this morning brought me so much joy.

I am breathing in the fragrances and renewing lost energy, and sharing some of it's springtime lushness with all of you.

I have made another vest for little Leo with matching socks this time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blackwork and Babylove

Another book on Blackwork, out of the library this time, and full of beautiful stitches and pleasing patterns.

I made a start and discovered that I can draw my own little patterns on graph paper. I must be thinking about it a lot, because last night I woke around 2.00am and apparently said to Ian "must do the embroidery " and then " you need to do some embroidery ". I can vaguely recollect a weird dream about it. I think Mary Queen of Scots was involved ( I have been reading about her a lot lately too).

It's funny where our dreams take us, isn't it. ?
Talking of dreams, little Leo was having some nice milky baby dreams yesterday.
But I was allowed to get him up and have a cuddle, he was due for a feed.

I don't think he was dreaming of blackwork though !