Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nearly There

Two or three more hours and this could be finished, but with all the wonderful spring activity

happening outside in the garden, I am waiting for a quiet evening to knit the last little bit.
The tulips and other spring flowers are here for such a short time that I find myself outside with the intention of just wandering around admiring the blooms, but instead
I have a trowel in my hand and am running from one spot to the other with buckets of mulch, packets of seed, and a huge weeding bag.
Yesterday I had visitors coming over for supper, and I was in the garden thinking I will just do this little bit and then go inside, but changed my mind, and was down amongst the veges planting runner bean seeds when the sun went down,
and it didn't matter at all !


Anonymous said...

I love your garden, and the sweater!

Janet said...

Sally anne, can you email me at my address to enter my giveaway, you're coming up as no reply. Good luck. Your sweater and your tulips are both beautiful.