Monday, March 15, 2010

Phoebe's Quilt

Zinnias in the garden,

and the Bougainvillea outside the back door are giving me lots of pleasure, with their pink blooms,

and this too has given me much pleasure this week.
While I was waiting for Noa ( thank you all so much for your kind words on her birth ) to arrive in the last few weeks, I needed to be close to the phone and was able to spend quite a few hours in my sewing room.

Phoebe's quilt is finished ( yay ) and I can now think about the design and fabric for Fern's quilt.

Just lately the ideas keep coming (especially in the middle of the night) and I wish I could closet myself away in my sewing room and work, work, work, until I have them all worked out of my system.

Do you ever feel like that ? It can sometimes be overwhelming and also fustrating when I am unable to work on my ideas...they become suspended in my head in limbo, then jump to life in the dead of the night, and I lie awake wondering if I should get up and go to the sewing room and start cutting fabric feverishly.

Invariably I fall asleep again when I try and count all the quilts that have been started and remain in waiting for their turn to be finished.

Sarah, if you are reading this, take heart....I found the blocks for your quilt the other day and have started working on it again.


Mary Keenan said...

I often feel exactly like that, and oh the joy when you can clear the schedule and just sink your fingers into it. And the awful sinking feeling when the inspiration goes and you're left with all that stuff you suddenly have to put away and not feel guilty about!

That quilt is inexpressibly beautiful, by the way. The colours and the prints - they're just so happy together!

Anonymous said...

I think we all need a sketchbook on our person at all times - Like in our handbags and by the bed. All those inspired throughts need a place outside of fuzzy nighttime heads. Lots of love to you and your family. Beautiful quilts, photos, babies.KP

Lori ann said...

Oh Sally! that quilt is so beautiful. I can't stop looking at the photo.
I love to come visit here for the inspiration and beauty. And, You are such a lovely person.
I keep telling myself when I stop working full time I'll have so much time to do all the things I want, projects, photography, gardening... but I know it's not true, there is never enough time when life is so rich with a million possibilitis!
you do so much, and with incredible talent too.

xxx lori

kim•ber•ly said...

Just beautiful!

The Curious Cat said...

That is the most gorgeous quilt! I am in awe... lucky phoebe!!

Merrin said...

Hi Sally Anne, It is so wonderful to see your finished quilt for phoebe. You have put the colours together so beautifully. I have been trying to do my next quilt following one of the pictures of another of your quilts and I am finding it very challenging to get it together (its one with big and small squares). Thanks for putting the photos of your grandaughers holding thier new sister - It reminds me of the day our littlest was born and her big sisters taking turns in holding her. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more of it!!

Melissa van Boekhout said...

i definately feel that way too. all the time! And torn between spinnig, knitting and sewing. And of course thers the kids to look after and a house to keep!