Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We are having some very strong winds today, and I see our poor apple tree is taking a bit of a hammering. The apples are falling before they are quite ready.

Whilst visiting with my granddaughter yesterday she showed me a very cute little apple cosy that she loves to use in her lunchbox. It protects the apple from bruising and she says makes it more crunchy ! What a good idea, I thought as I hurried home to 'google'it.

I soon found what I was looking for on ravelry and made one up this afternoon.

I wonder what our tree would look like if every apple that was about to fall was covered in it's own little cosy !


Mary Keenan said...

Oh, so adorable!! Another motivator to figure out crochet...

Lori ann said...

Sally, your monday sounded so lovely, i wish it were a holiday here too!
i love the apple cozy, i've seen them made. i hope the wind stops and the apples in your trees stay put until they fall on their own!

Holly C. said...

Apple cozies are adorable!