Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tiny Pleasures

Taking time today to take a walk in the sunshine.

To pick some flowers  out of the garden,

and to crochet a few more granny squares for this blanket in progress.
I started this a year or so ago, and it had been put away when I was having one of my 'clean up' days.
I was thoroughly inspired to make it when I looked at Lucy's ( Attic 24 )  flickr page and saw all her lovely blankets, and all the other beautiful work that has been crocheted by others that she has inspired and enthused.

I have used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. Some of these colors have been discontinued and I have had to choose some other colors so that I can finish it.
 It is supremely soft  and cuddly.
 A good one for the Grandbabies to snuggle into when they come to visit.

Thank you all so much for your thoughtful comments on little Basil's passing. He has featured in so many of our family stories in the last decade or so, and it feels really strange living here without his snuffly presence following me around.
His little sidekick Billie is certainly feeling it, he has been very quiet this week, and keeps giving me a questioning look.
I guess we will both get used to it in time.


Lori ann said...

oh so beautiful sally, what a labor of love.

i'm so sorry about your little basil. that has to be such a hard thing. sending hugs. xoxo

cathleen said...

I think your flowers match your beautiful granny squares!

Robyn said...

Love the blanket... and wish so much that I could crochet. It seems difficult to me... I have tried, but I'm a knitter who deep down wants to crochet :)

So sorry to read about Basil. I understand the loss.

best wishes