Friday, January 6, 2012

2nd week

A very Happy New Year to everyone.

Into the 2nd week of the new year tomorrow already, and the days go by, oh so fast !

Tomorrow I am off to Auckland for the annual ASQSS, and I am looking forward to a week of meeting up with old friends, lots of music, recitals, good food and some R and R.
There is going to be more rain, but that won't dampen my mood, not one little bit.

Whilst away I always carry some knitting, and this year I am taking some 2ply merino and a  cotton alpaca blend to make the Hakusa scarf by Kirsten Johnstone. I purchased the pattern on Ravelry and have cast on already and have knitted a few rows so I will be able to knit whilst catching up with friends, without having to stop and count stitches.

Have a great week and see you when I get back.


Lori ann said...

hi sally! i hope you had a wonderful time. my son is leaving today for n.z. an unexpected trip presented itself to him so he's thrilled to be going. he'll be on the north island for 5 weeks. wish i could come too!
the color of your wool is really gorgeous. i wore my scarf yesterday knitted with your handspun, i just love it!
xox lori

kp said...

Happy New Year Sally,
So lovely to drop by your blog again. Am missing you and Nelson but your photos have made my day! sending you lots of love across the world!K