Saturday, December 22, 2012


Finished in time for a New Year's Eve birthday. The pattern is called Filey and is from Rowan magazine no.45. Made with Rowan Summer Tweed and was not an enjoyable knit....hence why I took so long over it.

However I do like the textured detail on the back and I hope He (the fussy one) will like it too, and will wear it more than once or twice !
I might have to be patient for the cooler weather though to get that result.


Beate said...

This looks like something that can be worn many many times! I like the plain design with special details.
How wonderful to see you back. I had bookmarked your blog and peeked in once a week - and today: big surprise!
I wish you a merry christmas!

Sally Anne said...

Thank you so much Beate. It is nice to be back blogging and I hope you too have a wonderful Christmas.

Lori ann said...

sally! it's so nice to see you in this space, it's really been so long and i have missed you my friend. it sounds like all good things are happening there for you. i hope for 2013 to be more of the same, and maybe you'll be here a bit more too!
sending love,

Sally Anne said...

Oh Lori, thanks so much. My fingers are itching to start that beautiful shawl that you made, I have thought in the last few days to join the knitalong, but I am determined to finish other knitting wips first.
Yes, I am hoping to be in this space a lot more often this year...
xxxxx Sally

Lori ann said...

i totally understand, perhaps you will make it when the time is right, it's a lovely pattern, simple yet truly stunning. i can't wait to see what else is coming off your needles!