Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pills and Potions and feeling Poorly

Since my last post I have been poorly ! Don't you just love that expression "feeling poorly". It always conjures up for me images of being in bed when I was a child with mumps or measles, and my Dad would bring me a big pile of comics to read. My Mum would fuss over me with lemon and honey drinks, and I would feel special.
This infection has seemed to go on forever and with three visits to the Doctor and three lots of antibiotics, I still feel poorly !
Last night I soaked my aching body in a friend's spa and then she gave my back a massage with lavender oils, it was divine, and her kindness and love did more for my mood than all the pills I have been swallowing lately.
There has not been a lot of activity on the creative front, so I thought I would post some more pics that I took in New Plymouth

These photos were taken in the gardens there..a magical place.


Candyce said...

Sally Anne, I do so hope you feel better really soon.

You sound like you had very caring parents.

I the time in the spa and a back massage from a dear friend sounds lovely!

Kimberlee and Lies said...

Yes I remember that childhood sicky feeling and the comfort from my parents. I see it in Lieveke too, she enjoys topping being sick with a dramatic 'I'm ever so not well' that she heard sometime watching charlie and Lola. Bless. You both eh. Get well soon! x Lies