Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thinking pink

I am starting to think about quilt no.2 in the bazaar series.
Phoebe, (our 3and 3/4 yr old granddaughter) is

requesting a pink and green quilt. Yesterday she chose some fabrics from my stash

and I am starting to play around a little, pulling out fabrics and fat quarters all over my studio floor, which is always the fun part.


pebbledash said...

Gorgeous!...I love the way the colours in each photo lead to the next. And Miss Phoebe is very cute too!

caireen said...

Puts me in mind of these 'jelly rolls' which are quite the thing at the moment! cx

vanessa said...

Does your beautiful little Grandaughter appreciate just how lucky she is to be receiving your wonderful handiwork?! I LOVE the colours............ pink and Green, a little girl after my own heart!
Vanessa xxx

Diane said...

Pinks and greens always remind me of the original series of "Miami Vice"!! The colours and designs look beautiful. Phoebe is a lucky little girl.

kimberlee said...

that is going to look fabulous! I really like the fabric she chose.

Rebecca said...

What gorgeous material!! I collect lots of bits of material on my travels... hoping one day to do something with it...maybe after lambing, I'll think of a new project...maybe bunting! Your tomatos look delicious!! Can’t wait for summer to arrive here- so I can sill my window sills with tomatos plants!