Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Noro Scarf

I found some Noro silk garden yarn the other day ( when I was cleaning out my studio) and I thought it would make a nice scarf like this one. I am a little disappointed with the photos ..the colours are so much brighter than what you are seeing !

The scarf has a couple more hours of knitting to be done and then it is finished, so I will endeavour to take more photos in another light, next week.

On a rather more exciting note...our son Alexander is getting married on Saturday ( Anzac Day) in Hamilton, so no more knitting for me today. I am off to pack our bags...........more on this topic later.


Anonymous said...

It's pretty and you're very fast, especially on such tiny needles! And now I know about ANZAC day, thanks to you and Wikipedia. Thanks for the blog; it's a colorful, interesting part of my day! Safe travels and happy knitting! P.S. I have been making scarves, too, and wearing them; it's been a cold spring up here in the North.

Katie Driscoll said...

congratulations to Alexander and his soon to be bride!

The scarf looks lovely - I know how bright the Noro colors can be and how annoying photographing bright colors can be.