Friday, April 17, 2009

A woven blanket

I invested some time this week in finishing my blanket on the loom, and realised that I had started warping up for this almost a year ago...thinking that I would have it finished and on the sofa a few weeks later, hah, little did I know it would take me twelve months.
I am a beginner weaver and I came across lots of little problems with this one. It is the largest blanket I have made and is another double weave, ( the same colours and wool as the one I made last year for Alexander). All the problems and the many metres of wool that it took in the making, has put me off making another one like it for a while.

For now though I am pretty thrilled to have it finished. It is drying doubled over on the washing line. I washed it very carefully in "softly"and it has "fulled nicely.

The yarns I used were again from Touch yarns...soft merino/mohair boucle.


Little Miss Flossy said...

Oh Sally Anne - it's just beautiful! It looks so cosy, just right for snuggling.

Gillybean said...

Fantastic. I spotted it when you showed a picture of your studio and wasn't surprised that you are a weaver too. I aspire to achieve expertise in as many crafts as you one day.

Katie Driscoll said...

It looks lovely! Congratulations on finishing it!

Heart in the country said...

Georgeous! Well worth the effort.

teakai said...

That is just gorgeous.
It's a bit mind numbing to think of all the time and effort that went into the making of it.
Just wonderful - well done.

Melissa said...