Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have prepared a new warp under the tuition of my wonderful friend.
It is very fine crochet cotton and K spent the morning with me showing how to put the warp on the loom without getting into a tangled mess. It was marvellously straightforward and now I just have to finish threading these heddles.

At this stage I am feeling very excited !! A new woven "something" will be emerging very soon.

The last couple of weeks I have been ironing fabrics and tidying them into neat stacks on the shelves.

They used to look in a mess like this:

I used to have a patchwork and quilting shop and so I have a LOT of fabric, enough for several housefuls of quilts and a couple more decades of sewing ........I hope.


Anonymous said...

Well done mum! Looks amazing :)

Katie Driscoll said...

Good job on cleaning up it looks lovely!

speckled egg said...

I adore before and after shots- lucky you (and your friends and family) to have all that fabric at your fingertips!

caireen said...

those shelves of fabric look amazing! slightly envious! :)) cx