Thursday, June 17, 2010

Winter Sweet and Sunlight

I planted a row of lime trees today and was told ' stamp them in really well with a heavy tread,' so the roots are firm in the ground and they remain upright when the Spring winds might buffet them.

We have been extending our orchard of feijoas and limes, and I was thinking as I knelt down beside each tree to spread some soil around it's roots, that on a brilliantly sunny day in the middle of winter it is an absolute joy to be outside.

The air is fresh and and fragrant with the perfume of the Winter Sweet bush that grows outside the bedroom window, and each year becomes a little larger than before.

And of course, Phoebe and Fern are Sweetness and Sunlight personified.


Mary Keenan said...

I'm trying to imagine what it would be like to have lime trees in my garden, whatever the season! They'd only grow in a greenhouse, here :^(

Lori ann said...

I've never seen that bush, wintersweet, it's lovely, i like the name too.
Such a lovely wistful post Sally, I wish it were winter here but we are just heading into summer.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Lori ann said...

I forgot to say how adorable are Phoebe and Fern ♥

SWEET MARY said...

I found your blog through Tiny Happy and thought you may enjoy looking at this beautiful UK blog:
Especially as you are "into" quilts.