Friday, September 24, 2010

Leo Tristan

There is much rejoicing here today. Our newest grandson arrived this morning at 4.00am. He is charming us all with his presence and a very calm arrival into our lives.

His parents have named him Leo Tristan and this morning I was thinking to myself that the name Tristan has become very much our family name.

Thirty one years ago Ian and I had our first born son and we named him David Tristan, sadly he only stayed in this world for five days. Then a few years later our Tristan Peter William was born and he is the proud father today of little Leo Tristan.

My heart and arms are full !


frangipani said...

What a darling! There's just nothing quite like having a new baby in the family...cluck, cluck:)Our daughters each have two middle names and all names shared with other older family members. i think that's a realy special gift to give a child and helps keep family connections alive. Enjoy your new bundle of loveliness.

Mary Keenan said...

Oh, he's just beautiful!! And how wonderful to know he'll have such a special name to carry with him through life :^) Congratulations!!

Janet said...

Congratulations, he's a beautiful darling baby with a great name.

Floh said...

This is just a quite cute handful... Congratulations.

Kirsty said...

Congratulations to Sylvia and Tristan! He looks just gorgeous :-)