Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is where you will find me today.

I am held captive by nasty flu germs and I am desperately trying to get better, so that I can attend all the rehearsals this week for the concert on Saturday. Today is day 4 since the virus hit, and my daughter tells me that today is the day I will start to feel an improvement.
I hope she is right.

It is not so bad though, sitting here in the sunshine listening to the radio and checking out new stuff in blogland, and online knitting magazines. In fact, browsing around the blogs and other crafty sites is something I haven't had time for in ages. Let me show you what I have discovered :

Here are some great ones
Twist Collective... a fabulous knitting magazine, with loads of gorgeous knitting patterns from all the best designers.
Knitty.com..an old time favourite.
Daily knitter.com a great site to visit every day.
Knit Rowan...I adore this site.

Some all time favourite blogs to visit:

Norah Gaughan
Mason Dixon
Yarn Harlot

There, that is probably enough to get you started. Be careful now, I don't want you to get the flu too !


Gillybean said...

Thanks for the cool list of links. I do hope you feel better soon

cathleen said...

Hope you feel better very soon, Sally Anne. Be cozy!

Lori ann said...

Feel better! i think i am coming down with something as well. :(

take good care and have fun reading and resting!

Anonymous said...

get well soon Sally! and enjoy the quiet sunshine. see you soon I hope!K