Monday, October 25, 2010

Cherry blossom and lilac and thoughts of Japan

When these pretty pink blossoms are out, my thoughts turn to Japan. I have never visited Japan, but I would love to go there one day ( sooner rather than later ! )

I have a friend who travels there quite regularly and she comes home full of wonderful stories about the magnificent weaving, silks, kimonos, architecture, food....endless delights actually. She has me dreaming of exotic train journeys and visits to see how the silks are woven.

I was given some beautiful Japanese fabrics for my birthday and have been cutting and stitching, not having a preconceived idea, but just allowing the fabrics to "talk" to me. I had thought of hand stitching sashiko through the layers, but realised yesterday that I am not going to have time if I want this to be ready for Christmas, so am trying out another idea I had, using fine crochet cotton in my sewing far it is working very well.
I have dyed some cottons in a dye bath of indigo that my friend was using for her weaving, and have used these in the quilt also.


Morningstar said...

did you thread the silk through the bobbin or the top spool? Love your blog as ever, Virginia

Sally Anne said...

Hi Virginia
Lovely to hear from you...thank you !
I threaded it through both the top and the bottom, and adjusted the tension on the machine, but in the last couple of days, have ripped it out wasn't quite the look I was wanting and am now quilting with Guterman's natural old standard !

Janet said...

I love the look of the indigo fabrics you have. That was a clever idea to go with the crochet cotton. The lilacs and blossoms are gorgeous.

Lori ann said...

It's going to be lovely. I can't wait to see it complete.

I'd love to spend time in Japan also (more than just passing through), I know i'd love it.
♥ lori