Friday, November 26, 2010


I am finding it hard to write anything at all today.

My heart is full and my thoughts are with the miners and their families and loved ones.

This is a poem/song for them and for us.

Grace from the Prayer Cycle By Jonathan Elias. This little album has helped me in times past, and brings comfort and healing.

A big thank you to all of you who left comments and concern for Eve. The management and I have come to a very good compromise and Mum is still able to have her showers most days .....phew !!

Some goodness and grace prevailed.

A very big heartfelt thanks to you Dee, and any other of Mum's caregivers who are reading this. I appreciate your love and concern for my Mum so much !


Janet said...

My thoughts are with the families too, it's heartbreaking. Thank you for the peaceful photos.

Christy said...

I too have been thinking of the miners and their families. I followed it on BBC World News. My thoughts are with them all. Especially the boy and his family, only a year older than my son

Pennsylvania has a lot of coal mines, with tragedies attached to them.

Also I will never forget the tragedy of my childhood, 1966 Aberfan, Wales. As the children who died were around my age.

Lil Bit Brit