Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Early Rising

I have never been one for getting up early, I prefer to stay up late at night and to leisurely take my time in the morning awaking to the new day.

However, this last week or so has seen me throwing off the quilt soon after six am each day, and joining Ian for a bike ride down to the local sea shore, and I have loved it ( mostly !).

Today though, Ian had to rise even earlier to start work, and I decided to spend a few hours before breakfast working in the garden.

It was great working out there in the early morning quietness, and I was there to see the sun come up over the hill...bliss.

I was surprised to see how much I managed to accomplish in just those few hours. My Mother -in -law used to enjoy this time of the day the best as well, before it gets too hot and the day's activities have you wilting and wanting a lie down !

Now right through until March, life is going to be full and very busy with most of our work happening through the Summer months.

The first of our summer visitors are arriving today to stay in the cottage, and our house down the Bay will soon be full up too. So there will be a lot of coming and going.....all very exciting.!

Ian is making hay today,

and this is the first cut for the season. I am hoping he won't have too many problems with his baler and wrapper this year.


Mary Keenan said...

Oh, these are all such lovely pictures and images - I wish I could be there helping you in that gorgeous garden :^)

Sally Anne said...

Thank you Mary...I sure wish you could too, I would have you decked out in gardening gear and a pair of gloves, quick as a flash, putting you to work !

Sally Anne said...
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Sarah said...

Nice mum! Glad to hear you're enjoying the bike riding! Good on you both :)

I LOVE home at this time of the year - the paddocks look so welcoming...