Thursday, August 30, 2007

Casting Off

Last week we arrived home from a fantastic holiday in the UK. We spent six weeks there with a few days in Luxembourg as well.

As soon as we arrived in London the first place I wanted to check out was Liberty's of London.
I was not disappointed, the wool that I bought there is Rowan Damask......I knitted this top during the car trips

from the Rowan pattern book No.41...I loved all the patterns here...just wish I had time to knit them all.

Then Ian and I got back on the tube and went to visit Knit1London in Bonnington Square, Vauxhall Gardens. We spent most of the afternoon here...a wonderful shop, and what made it more memorable for me was the fact that my father was born just two doors down in the same street. In an old Georgian house his family of twelve occupied only the top floor (the third floor, and they had the roof for their washing to dry...amongst London's soot and coal dust ).
It is an upmarket part of London now.

From Knit1London I bought hand dyed wool to make these:


Melissa said...

i love those socks! i never understand how you knit them up so quickly, the two pairs i knitted seemed to take me forever. welcome to blogging, mum!

caireen said...

oh I just read this ^ and now I know who you are! Cx

Jen said...

Hi im a regular reader of Tiny happys blog
I LOVE the photo of the bird
pleased you had a great holiday


Oh my! i adore the socks... I wish i could knot socks... thats so cool!

Sara said...

Hi, I found you through tiny happys blog. I love that top you knit, I've had it as a to-do for a while now, maybe I should cast on for it after seeing what you did with yours!!

luv Abby said...

hi there,
I am a tiny happy fan and I love ur blog..... what a cute wrap top and those sock YUM.... welcome to blogging...
luv Abby