Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Entry

This is a blog that will tell you how I spend my days...knitting, crochet, weaving and spinning, patchwork quilts and sewing, needlepoint and embroidery .

Playing the violin, poetry reading and favorite books and any other arty things that I discover along the way.

Probably other parts of my life will creep in, grandchildren, food and recipes and gardening. Of course the former things are only what I fit in when I'm not directly involved in the latter.... ( yeh, right....I can hear my children all saying) .

I plan to enjoy it all and I hope you will too.

This is my very first quilt...Grandmother's Flower Garden.

I started it in the early nineties and now have now resurrected it to finish for a very special relative in England. I am handquilting and am halfway through...a lovely way to spend these spring evenings.


caireen said...

nice quilt - this is a pattern that has been in my mind a lot lately - quite fancy doing something with hexagons, and maybe by hand. Good luck with the blog, hope you enjoy it! Cx

Sally Anne said...

Caireen...thank you so much for reading my blog.I became very excited when I saw your comment and thank you too Melissa,thanks so much for ALL your support and love in getting me started.
Haven't worked out how to respond yet individually.

Sarah and Jack said...

Wow! That is a complicated pattern for a very first quilt.

Lisa said...

Hi Sally Anne,

I'm Lisa Ann - I found your blog through your daughter's at Tiny Happy...thanks for sharing your creative wanderings...lovely.
I'm working on a grandmother's flower garden,too - and am knitting socks right now. Am in Canada, so don't have the wonderful wool tradition that you bring to your post...

Happy stitching!

Taryn said...

Hi Sally Anne, I found your blog through Melissa and am thrilled to have found it! Can't wait to hear about more of your projects.

Kate S said...

What a beautiful first quilt to have made. I am so excited that you now have a blog! Welcome to the wonderful and sometimes strange world of blogging. I will let Sue know you're here too.

Jeannie said...

I found you through Melissa's blog. I love you quilt - I wish I was your special relative! Jeannie (in England)


Your FIRST????
Argh.... i must quilt:( I don't know how:((

Its adorable! i love it!

desperatelyseeking said...

congrats on your blog! i found it new and refreshing and can now understand melissa's talent. good luck and can't wait to log on and read and see what amazing projects you're working on. L