Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A bamboo blanket for baby

A little bird has whispered of a new baby coming next year, and I am already knitting a merino and angora circular shawl to wrap the newborn in, but have decided to crochet a soft blanket as well for the cot.

I chose a new yarn made of bamboo and cotton, 50% of each from Patons. On the wash label it says that it is made in Romania, and I thought how strange to have the wool processed there.
When I was having my babies in the eighties, there were many orphaned babies living in crowded and very poor conditions in Romanian hospitals. A couple of families I knew from our Montessouri preschool flew to Romania and adopted some children, and brought them back here to live in NZ. I wonder if conditions have changed for homeless infants and children in Romania.

All babies everywhere need a nice soft blanket they can call their own!

Here it is in the making

Yesterday after another gruelling session at the dentist, I arrived home still shaking and feeling very sorry for myself, to find a Christmas parcel in my letterbox.

This was a Christmas treat that I had sent to myself, but it came as an unexpected delight yesterday!

A box of beautiful Rowan DK cottons in my favorite colours....yay!!!!

I sat down immediately with a pot of tea and a pattern in my head, and crocheted quite happily for a couple of hours, forgetting all about the pain in my tooth.until Ian came home and said " have we time for a walk up the hill before tea"?

We have a hill behind our house, which Ian is continually clearing of gorse and thistle. It is his work of a lifetime. Yesterday as we trudged up the hill, Ian was slashing thistle and little gorse bushes as we went, with a few hints to me about doing the same. Pity we only have the one slasher! It makes for a good workout though. Next time I might pop the camera in my pocket and take some pics of the view to post.


Trisha said...

It's a long time since I have seen much crochet around. It looks so lovely.....I just love the Rowan cottons.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

beautiful blanket!


That reminds me of rafa's blanket:)

Anonymous said...

What happened at the dentist Sally?
Is the problem fixed now?
Do you like to knit with mohair?

Hope you are feeling a lot better now. I have a lot of bags of mohair sourced from thrift shops that need a new home......enough for adult cardigans etc. Let me know if you would like some as you know I don't knit much anymore....I mostly knit strips that I sew into blankets [using various Kaffe Fassett patterns.] These would be freebies or if you are uncomfortable with that we could do some know I am a fabraholic.
Anyway, stay well or as near to it as you can.

Libby said...

Yay thank you Sallyanne! I got given the stitch'n'bitch crochet book yesterday and am planning on giving crochet another go. I've tried several times & kind of got the idea, I feel all inspired now having seen your projects.
Where did you get the bamboo & cotton mix from? Ive knitted with the Naturally Stella and its lovely but that bamboo/cotton sounds perfect for a baby blanket.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors that you have chosen. I like to knit but seem to have a block when it comes to understanding crochet patterns. I mostly used cotton, as wool bothers me. I bothers my skin, and even knitting makes my eyes swell, weird isn't it? I have yet to try soy or bamboo, yet they look so soft and the colors are very beautiful.