Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fit to ride a bike?

I am on a mission to become fitter this summer, and after purchasing a new bike helmet I rescued my bike from it's home in the garage, sadly discarded for many a year.

With my two little helpers busy with thier brushes and sponges, it was given some TLC and air in the tyres.

Today I thought I would ride down the road and see how far I got before my legs wanted to stop.

It is a little hazardous riding a bike on the road out of our gate. Our farm is right alongside the main highway out of (or into, whichever way you are driving) our little town.The traffic belts along at 100km or more and when a truck drives past, you could be sucked into the down draft and fall off! Fortunately this didn't happen to me today, but it was quite windy and with hay paddocks on both sides of the road, it wasn't long before my eyes were streaming and I was barely taking a breath in between sneezes. My ride cut short by hayfever, oh dear, never mind, better get home for a Telfast pill and a refreshing cup of tea.

Huh, I certainly didn't get very far today but I am not giving up, oh no! It was quite funny really because as I was on my way home, thinking my little thoughts to myself and biking very fast ( or so I thought) , a "proper" cylist shot past me all togged up in special racing bike gear, and I felt quite foolish when I noticed how far he had got ahead in just a couple of seconds.

I played in my workroom this afternoon, cutting aqua coloured fabrics and putting squares together and

I made this little patchwork bib with the bits left over.



Oh my... i should get back to ridding my own bike:)

That quilt is lovely, and i just adore the bib!!!

esmerelda said...

The bib is beautiful, and it is good to see you putting those little elves to work!

caireen said...

very beautiful patchworky bits, and hats off to you getting on your bike. I know what you mean, I think the difference is road savviness and confidence. N is a keen cyclist - he'll go off and do 60miles in a jaunt - and he says it's all about road presence. Once you feel more comfortable you do put out an aura of confidence. However, I am sure that roads are much faster (with crazier drivers) than before - so I tend to stick to quieter lanes and back routes!! Love the basket, and can see you tootling off to town full of fabric bits. We could do with those bike elves here!Cx