Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coming back

This last week or so has been filled with catching up with family and friends and becoming used once again to our rhythm of life here.

Our youngest daughter Sarah has been home, taking a break from uni and making lots of plans for the next six months, and trying to complete an assignment that is due when she returns next week. Her 21st birthday is almost here, and we have been talking non- stop about the celebration she is going to have in September..exciting!

We went to visit Tamsin (middle daughter) and her three gorgeous girls. Tamsin took us to her favorite wool shop where she lives and I bought some wool to make her a skirt.

which of course I had to start straight away. The wool is Cleckheaton Country Silk and Cleckheaton Mohair, both 8 ply. I couldn't resist the colours.
I am knitting this on a circular needle, so I won't have any seams to sew. Tamsin has just completed her first sock, and it is beautifully knitted..I think she is well and truly hooked now!

I am knitting this as well for number one son, Tristan. He could do with it right now as it is very cold where he is farming, but he will have to wait for his birthday in October.

Cobblestone Pullover, knitted on a circular needle with Naturally Tussock 10 ply.

There are signs of the coming Spring all around us, and I marvel again about the very special light we have here.
I have some serious work ahead of me in the garden, the flowers are fighting for a space amongst all the weeds, but this is the time of year I like the most in the garden. It is not too hot or dry, and I am often surprised by little gems that I had forgotten I had planted earlier.

This quilt top has had some attention this week , and I am off to do some more right now.


Melissa said...

lovely pics mum!
you have so many good projects on the go- love the look of that quilt top... x

Sandra said...

It is good to have you home safe and sound. I have been following your wonderful trip. The signs of spring are starting to come to Australia as, I have a fresh bunch of freesias sitting besides me. said...

I love the quilt top, and you combo of colors of prints are just lovely! I'm a new quilter, and really enjoying it.