Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cars and Boats and Planes

We have been doing an awful lot of driving along Englands motorways and the smaller roads as well, and so as a consequence, I have been doing an amazing amount of knitting, whilst being my superb driver's navigator! Finished these socks for Ian this morning, just in time for the flight home.

From Hampshire we travelled up to Oxfordshire and visited some charming Cotswold villages, along with thousands of other people all discovering the same place!

We have experienced some thunder and lightening and torrential rain in the little country town of Stroud, and we thought to find some sun in Cornwall where my cousins were camping at a beautiful Bay near Padstow.It wasn't to be however, but we had a very happy time catching up with them, and the rain didn't put us off beautiful Cornwall, with it's very rugged coastline that reminded me of the Ring of Kerry in Ireland.

We have visited quite a few Castles and Cathedrals whilst we have been touring England.
Gloucester cathedral was a favourite of mine.

When we arrived back in Kent after our travels, I was able to present the completed pullover to my Uncle. I made him try it on straight away and was very relieved to find that it fitted him perfectly.I sewed it up as we were driving along so it hadn't been blocked, but still looked good and will keep him cosy on his walks down the lanes and countryside.

Oh, and a plane to catch for Zurich on tuesday morning.


pebbledash said...

You've been so busy travelling (and knitting!) all over! It's wet here in Cornwall, yet again, such untypical august weather. Diana x

Maria said...

You're amazing Sally getting all that knitting done!! Love all your photos, they are so interesting. We caught up with Lesley last week and can't wait to catch up with you soon.............happy travels