Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One year

Today I awoke to bright sunshine, and a tui perched on this frangipani tree right outside my bedroom window.

I looked a little further and this is what I sawThe sea is the same colour as the sky and it looks as if the ship is floating above the paddocks.

Every day the spring flowers are growing more lovely and it is such a treat to bring them into the home.

This week is also the first anniversary of this blog. 103 posts altogether and I wrote the first post at the end of August last year.
I thought that I would celebrate by sending some fabrics from my stash, a very untidy stash I am ashamed to say.

but I would love to send some fat quarters to someone who makes a comment in the next three days. I will put your names in a draw. Please remember that I can only respond to comments if you provide your email address or make your blogger profile available, or you can email me directly. Good luck!


Little Miss Flossy said...

Your flowers are lovely - they're still not quite ready to bloom down here. One year - congratulations!

Kielz said...

One of the children in my class brought me in a big bunch of spring flowers - they smell so lovely. I didn't realise you lived so close to the sea - do you visit often? It looks a lovely spot!

kimberlee said...

congrats on a year of blogging, it is a great undertaking! and you have posted more completed projects in one year than most could get done in a decade! thanks for sharing you master craftswomenship with us!

Melissa said...

happy blog-birthday mum!
those spring flowers are looking really nice. i'm jealous. ;)

Candyce said...

I have just enjoyed your blog so so much. Congratulations on one year!

Your flowers are so beautiful.


Christy said...

Congratulations!!! On one year of blogging and over 100 posts.

I was happy to see a frangipani tree, as the name is soo exotic.

What a lovely view you have.

It's lovely to see your spring flowers, although it makes me a little sad as we are coming into Autumn. On the other hand Fall is my favourite season over here. It's a beautiful time of year here.

I love all your handmade goodies.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I love your fabric stash. And your ,view...beautiful.

I find your blog - your lovely makings and photos - so peaceful somehow, like you notice the very small yet profoundly wonderful things around you.


just in case

a cat of impossible colour said...

Ooh, I'd love to be in the draw! :) Congratulations on your blog anniversary.

pebbledash said...

Lovely views Sally Anne! Seems strange looking at daffodils as we head out of a non-existent summer into autumn (that is, those of us in the northern hemisphere!), and they're so cheerful. Happy blogiversary, a year is quite an achievement! Diana x