Sunday, December 14, 2008

A deep breath

This last week was crazy with busyness and filling up time with stuff I have to do rather than want to do. I imagine it has been this way for all of you too, so close to Christmas.
I have been snatching moments of calm throughout .

This beautiful beach is a brisk walk away from where I live.

I can gasp lungfuls of invigorating sea air and perch myself on the dead log and contemplate.

Regretfully I cannot fly away into the blue.


Lies said...

I think I'll take a little mental break on that beautiful beach of yours. Yes busy, too... Your auntie was such a beauty and Sally, your knitting a treasure! And Gabriel refuses to wear anything I make too X

hanna said...

oh yes I know how you feel! I have half written a post about the same thing - haven't had time to finish it off and post it yet!
Thanks for reminding me to stop and breath.