Monday, December 1, 2008

Third Cousin

I have a young family member Kirsty Ryan ( my cousin's granddaughter) visiting us for a few months from Berkshire in England. She arrived on Friday and I am having fun looking at " our place" through her eyes.

Kirsty went to her first Symphony Concert on Saturday night, which was a great success and we all enjoyed it so much. I can now have a little break from practising and start making preparations for Christmas.

Yesterday was
spent at a nearby river. A little walk through the bush and a "big toe dip" in the water.

Plenty more of these sorts of days I think.


pebbledash said...

Having guests stay always makes me take a fresh look at my surroundings. I had a 'big toe dip' (up to knees in fact) the other day - in an icy sea, to retrieve a newly purchased ball which my retriever failed to retrieve. Your big toe dip looks a lot more enticing!

Melissa said...

diana- brr!!

i'm glad kirsty arrived safe and sound. hope she has a nice time!

Heart in the country said...

What gorgeous scenery - I'm sure Kirsty will have a wonderful time!