Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's in the genes

My Aunt Joan (my Mum's older sister) was a wonderful knitter. When I was expecting my first baby she sent me a beautiful layette all of which was knitted by herself. I treasured those little garments and used them for the five babies to follow David, our firstborn.

This photo of Joan was taken at the end of the 2nd World War, and the top she is wearing is probably one of her fine hand knits.

Now Joan's great- granddaughter Kirsty has come to stay with us and on Monday night she learnt to knit. She has taken to it like "a duck to water", which is hardly surprising given the incredible store of genes she comes from. Her mum and her grandmother don't knit so maybe myself and Kirsty have been given the larger portion of the knitting gene !

Of course my Mum Eve needs a mention here, she too was a great knitter and produced copious amounts of fair isle sweaters and vests, norwegian jumpers with reindeer......

I too can recall times when ALL the members of my family were happy to wear my handknits,

Ian refuses to wear a handknitted jumper or vest now.

This photo was taken on a day's outing to Mount Robert. Sarah is wearing a Kaffe Fasset pattern Alexander has a plane, and Tristan a ship, Tamsin has Minnie Mouse and Melissa has Sleeping Beauty. Ian is reluctantly wearing a jumper that took me ages to knit...I am not sure where it is now, I haven't seen it for years.


Heart in the country said...

Your knits certainly tell a story Sally Anne. My Nan always knitted and I can remember her making so many of my clothes, she also knitted a huge amount of matinee jackets etc for no 1 son, unfortunately we had a heatwave when he was born and he didn't wear any, by the time No 2 came along my Nan had pass away, but yet again I couldn't use the clothes as although he was born in February, he was too big for them. I can't bear to part with them so will have to wait for a grand child with the hopes they will fit.


kimberlee said...

what a looker too! so wonderful to hear about your family history of knitting!

Katie Driscoll said...

If Ian doesn't want his sweaters you can send them to me :)

I'm glad you have spread the joy of knitting to another family member!

Candyce said...

They are beautiful sweaters and what a lovely photo.

I love the name Tamsin. ( I am fond of all your children's names--this one though is so unusual).

How nice that you can teach a family tradition. So very special!

caireen said...

Great photos and lovely stories. Funny, after years of avoiding itchy jumpers I have suddenly got a bit obsessive about looking for nice ones that are really cosy... (I wonder why, brrr). They seem to have come back into fashion after everyone got fedup with fleece. Cx

speckled egg said...

What lovely old family pictures. I love going to my Mums house and looking at all her quilts-remembering what each bit of fabric was originally- a dress, a pillowcase etc. Crafts do tell a story don't they?

Melissa said...

hehee- that photo of us in our jumpers is pretty funny! so great that you're spreading the knitting skills though... even amongst the extended family. :)

pinkflowerbuttons said...

What gorgous black and white photos, I love the reigndeer jumper.