Friday, February 20, 2009

Felt Like Folk

I was lucky enough to go to an exhibition at our local art gallery this week, featuring a work all beautifully thought up and made with great skill by a friend of mine...Mary McCubbin. Mary is the "Artist in Focus" for the month of February.

I haven't done her justice in these photos, I might have to return and see if I can do better, I don't need an excuse to visit these wee folk another time.

These "Felt like Folk" are darling little people, all with different personalities and their own special fashion sense.

They each have a name, of course, and Mary has created each one using her skills of knitting, felting, crochet and sewing and embroidery,........ fourteen exquisite tiny dolls.

All fourteen dolls sold straight away and I wasn't one of the lucky owners, I didn't make it to the exhibition on the first day. I love them all and I think it would have been very difficult to choose !


Candyce said...

What detail and what personality they have! They are precious!

Katie Driscoll said...

How cute! I remember at the Oregon state fair a while ago there was a little felted man with a tag that said 'anatomically correct'. It's amazing the things you can do with fibers!