Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Afghan

According to Wikipedia the afghan blanket is a throw /wrap/shawl / all used for multi purposes.
An afghan is seldom sold, is benevolently given and very often used for important ceremonial occasions.

A lovely persian word and one that conjures up the country of Afghanistan and magic flying carpets, , large ditsy afghan hounds running through the woods, , Melissa's afghan biscuits for afternoon tea, and these crocheted granny squares.

While I was in Norway last year, I visited a wool shop that sold skeins of fibre from Peru. The label is from the Mirasol project and it supports the local shepherds and their families that are raising the alpacas that are used in some of the yarns.

I bought several skeins of cotton and merino mixed and not enough of any one colour to make anything other than a beautiful afghan.

Our daughter Sarah is flying home from Norway at the moment and I am hoping that she will have a few more skeins for me tucked away in her bag.


speckled egg said...

What lovely colours!

caireen said...

yes, lovely subdued but sweet colours cx