Saturday, February 14, 2009

New from Old

Once upon a time when my children were tiny, I decided to make myself a Fair Isle Shetland jumper. I sent a postal note to Shetland in Scotland ( yes, a postal computers or online banking, or visa cards for me in those days) and received a card with strands of coloured wool in 4 ply. I decided to purchase enough wool to make a vest from this book, which incidently is a library book that I was fortunately allowed to purchase from the Public Libary. One of the children did some scribbling on a couple of the pages and in much glee I returned it to the libary, knowing that they would want me to pay for it.

I then worked a vest all in one piece, opening in the front. When it was finished I tried it on and it was huge. It didn't fit any other family members and even my Mum shunned it, so I hid it away in the cupboard, feeling very guilty about the cost of the special wool from Jamieson and Smith in Scotland. It really was a big deal, I remember very clearly!

The other day when I was having a forage around in the cupboard I came upon the hapless vest and decided to give it another life.


pebbledash said...

It makes a wonderful cushion though!

Melissa said...

yes, it does! so much better- and now you can enjoy every day. :)

caireen said...

I like it as a cushion, very in vogue! cx

Kimberlee and Lies said...

What a good thing to do! You know what, I've started a fair isle thing and only have the front of a jumper done, then gave up but I could do the same!!! X Lies