Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have fallen in love with this beautiful afghan in Issue number three of The Knitter. It is knitted with aran - weight yarn and is made up of 24 rectangular panels of different dimensions, from thick Celtic Knot designs to more delicate twisted cabling.

When I saw this yesterday in my friend's copy of The Knitter, I decided to spin the wool for the first panel to see if I could achieve the gauge needed.

I haven't spun anything this thick for many years, and I rather liked the speed with which I obtained the first ball to start me off.

The rain is belting down outside, the fire is stoked up and the dogs are asleep, their little bodies stretched out in front of it's glow. I have a freshly made muffin and a cup of tea all where did I put that cable needle ?


Cathy said...

That sounds so comfy.

Little Miss Flossy said...

How beautiful, just perfect for snuggling up under. I don't knit very well but the winter weather always inspires me to at least attempt something.

Anonymous said...

I finally figured out there are two people under the afghan!