Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sea Green

My sample of weaving.

Initially trying different patterns, I have now settled on a simple twill using fragments of handspun wool and leftover different yarns from past knitting adventures.

I don't know yet what life and purpose this cloth will have, but as I weave I am contemplating it's future !

A first hyacinth to remind me of the coming spring now that we have officially entered winter.
I do enjoy the wintertime though as it gives me the chance to wear favourite woollens and boots, and to snuggle into the sofa by the fire on a wintry evening with my knitting....and to have a break from weeding the garden.


Kimberlee and Lies said...

your 'simple' twill looks pretty professional and gorgeous there. enjoy the lovely smell of the assorted hyacynth. lies

vanessa said...

Oooohhhh! Stunning! I think you could frame that weaving and have it as a wonderful piece of art, the colours are sumptuous!
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

pebbledash said...

Oh I love those's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

wow - that does look really good! beautiful colours. enjoy. K