Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A lovely diversion

I always look forward to receiving Interweave Knits in my letterbox, and on Saturday morning when it arrived I knew what I had to do.

Sort through my stash and see if I could find a substitute yarn to make this;

I LOVE it, and didn't have to battle too long with my sensible self, who said in a very little voice "but what about all the other knitting that you haven't finished"."Ha , yes, what about that then ?"

No, my naughty, spur of the moment self decided to cast on as soon as possible.

I am using a 4ply soft Alpaca yarn instead of the yarn specified in the pattern, Road to China light,
which is a blend of alpaca, cashmere, camel and silk and far and away out of my price range.

The Inca wool comes from the trip I made to Norway last year, when I stood in a shop in Oslo as it was about to close, and randomly chose a few balls of my favorite colours. I shall use that as the fair isle pattern on the yoke, and for the main colour I had some 4 ply alpaca from a local shop here.

So, this sweater has been my very lovely diversion this week, but I shall share some pics of the Spring surprises also.

Hyacinths, and our beautiful plum tree.

I also enjoyed listening to Kathryn Williams and Neill MacColl, and this Come With Me is my favourite. Their CD Two is beautiful...take a listen and have yourself a lovely diversion today !


pebbledash said...

Oh that's going to be lovely! I like the hooded pic on the front too.

Anonymous said...

I think striking while the iron is hot is very sensible!

kimberlee said...

ha I love tht you did not listen to your sensible self. that is going to be an amazing sweater when you are finished!