Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1/4 done

I have just spent a very pleasant hour or two, sitting in the spring sunshine and sewing together the first six panels of the Heirloom Cabled Afghan. Hurray, I am a quarter through this lovely blanket, and so far have enjoyed the process very much. I am spinning the wool as I go, and there is lots happening in each panel with the cables to make it interesting to work on.
I carefully blocked each of the six pieces as I finished knitting, and today I was so pleased that I had. It was very easy to sew together, each piece fitted perfectly to it's neighbour and I used mattress stitch to avoid seams.

I think I am about a 1/4 through this throw as well on the loom. I have used a chocolate brown 4 ply warp, and am using two different merino/alpaca blends in oatmeal and a grey/brown, both DK weight, and every now and then I am throwing in a shuttle or two of bright orange tussah silk. The weave is a twill, and its shaping up to be very tweedy looking....uummm I think I rather like it.


briar said...

O just love the wool, and the are sooo clever! I am very much a wannabee knitter and things like tis in progress inspire me so much! Awesome! Looking forwad to seeing it finished.

kimberlee said...

seriously! this is out of control (in a good way!) that blanket is amazing, and you are hand spinning the yarn? what a crafting all star!

sitting in the sun and sewing this together, what a pleasant morning:)