Monday, August 17, 2009

New Shoots

Would you like to take a ramble around the garden with me and see the new growth that is happening ?
Daffodils about to bloom beside my washing line.

These sweet peas seeds have just come through the potting mix that I planted in the egg carton. Dear little stems of green, what expectectations I have for you !

Our huge wattle tree, the flowers of which I cannot bring inside the house; they make me sneeze dreadfully, but their bright yellow clouds of fluffy blossom smell delicious.
The Datura Tree that is growing alongside the new rock garden. It's long flowers bloom in the summer and contain a very potent drug ( so I am told !)

Just a few steps away is the lovely Magnolia Stellata.

This princely Magnolia is almost ready to unfurl and produce a huge pink flower. It stands at bottom of our driveway, like a sentry.

These pretty and perky little polyanthus make me smile with delight each time I come home...they live at my back door.


speckled egg said...

Beautiful-isn't Spring fabulous! And thanks for reminding me- I must get some sweetpeas into the earth here!

The Curious Cat said...

It is weird to think Spring is happening somewhere else in the world whilst here it is Summer going on Autumn...daffodils were back in February/March for me...!

kimberlee said...

I am definitely going to miss the blossoming magnolias this NZ spring time, they have always been my favourite. there is a pair in albert park that yoshi and I visited daily last year when they were in bloom. :)