Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flower petals

One of my granddaughters was a little flowergirl at a wedding at the weekend.

Keira had her very own basket of rose petals to throw on the grassy pathway.

these are the flowers I love the most........sweet peas, and they are the first out of my garden this year.

I have them growing beside the beans and the leeks and the reason for that is they don't get overlooked when it comes to having a drink of water.


kim•ber•ly said...

Beautiful flowers. My flowers too only live if they are well placed, but that means they must be near the sink. I really don't have a green thumb at all and wouldn't have any landscaping if it weren't for automatic watering systems :]

Lori ann said...

Oh Sally Anne, how lovely! look at your adorable little granddaughter, she looks so happy.

I LOVE sweetpeas too, they are my favorite flower(plus cosmos and lisanthus and antique roses!), i plant a variety of vintage seeds, the petals are much smaller, but the fragrance and color are both more intense. So pretty!

i forgot that our seasons are opposite, we are heading into winter. enjoy your beautiful garden.