Monday, November 2, 2009

Stones and Flowers

I love dressing the stones I find with their own little crochet covering, and then placing them in the garden amongst the flowers.

You can read about their beginnings here.

I choose my stone carefully, then take a cup of chai tea to sip, and sit outside to play hooky for a while.

The garden looks it's best in the Spring and I am finding a sweet surprise every day.


kim•ber•ly said...

I can see why you play hooky - your garden has beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing them!

Frauke H. said...

Wow! You must have a wonderful garden.
The flower looks really big and duftend (sorry, I don't know the English word)
Please post again picture of your garden!
Thanks from Germany

Anonymous said...

That iris is heavenly. Your quilt is so pretty, too, will really jazz things up!

Flowers said...

What amazing color combination on your lovely flower! Very beautiful - and great closeups!
And I agree - The garden looks it's best in the Spring