Sunday, November 29, 2009


The morning after a concert is always a delight.
I can sleep late and then have a lazy lie in with a cuppa and a good book ( or browsing the blogs, of course ).
This morning I did just that, and then wandered into my workshop and saw my loom and thought...I have time, I could finish that blanket today.

So I did.
I have woven a twill using a blend of possum/merino and alpaca/merino. The little orange stripe that you see is tussah silk.
It is very soft and light and is destined to become a warm cot blanket, I think, or perhaps a lap rug for my Mum when she is out and about in her wheelchair in the winter.
I am thinking I might do a similar one using all the odd balls of handspun that have grown into quite a large stash. I was saving them for knitting projects , but I think another blanket might be a good idea, while I have the loom set up.

Tomorrow I am off to Wellington. I am setting my alarm clock to 5.00am and meeting my daughter in Wellington for breakfast.!


Gillybean said...

Oh my Sally, I do love the weaving but the view of the bales of hay out the window makes me yearn for life in the country.

Frauke H. said...

Hallo Sally,
The blanket is great.

You said there was a concert? What Kind of music?
I don't know the english word for "Advent". In germany we called the 4 weeks to Christmas Advent.
Its a wonderful time with much old songs.
I love this time.

Please say Melissa hallo from me.
And have a tasty breakfast.


Lori ann said...

Oh Sally Anne, i love the blanket, the view and your photos, how lovely it ALL is!

The blanket turned out so beautiful, i can only imagine how soft it is, the colors are so subtle and warm. I love the idea of a blanket made of all different yarns too, it will be really interesting.

I'm so glad your concert went well (i'm assuming it did!)and you do deserve a lazy morning. Have a great day tomorrow with your daughter!

Mary Keenan said...

If that is going to be the view from your loom, and the kind of work you can produce with it, then I'm with you - another blanket is a fabulous use of that leftover stash!

kim•ber•ly said...

Oooo, wonderful. I admire your looming skills.