Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bread and Chutney

We have had a bumper crop of plums this year and I decided the other day to have a go at making some plum sauce, and chutney.

It turned out quite well, and a new friend that we met on Christmas Day brought with him to our lunch some beautiful bread that he had made himself, and he very kindly gave me the recipe.

I have been making a loaf every day since Boxing Day, it is delicious toasted with freshly made plum sauce or plum chutney, and a spread of blue camembert cheese.
We are having a feast of family get togethers, B.B.Q's and sizzling summer times, and my bread is going down a treat!


Kimberlee and Lies said...

Happy new year Sally to you and your lovely family. May it be filled with goodness, which judging by the lovely craft, music and food of your posting, won't be too difficult!
X Lies

Mary Keenan said...

Ohhhh, home baked bread! I have a great recipe too that I make a lot (well, I'm on a bit of a hiatus now, because a girl can only spend so much time in a bread-scented home alone and in close proximity to a loaf of freshly baked bread.) Next time I am totally trying it with something plummy!

Lori ann said...

Hi Sally Anne,
now you've got me wanting to make bread too. It's still hard to picture summer, we are in the heart of winter here.

Enjoy your days (and your bread and chutney!)

xoxo lori

Janet said...

Happy new year. Yum yum, double yum. The bread looks delicious, I have my favourites too.

Rennae said...

Hi, I just came over via Melissa's blog. Your blog is beautiful and full of inspiration. I was hoping that you might share the recipe for the bread it looks so good. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

HI there,

you have a beautiful blog filled with lots of knitting inspiration. What recipe do you use for this bread? It looks delicious! Thanks, Georgie