Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aqua Blue

It has been very hot this week, perfect golden weather for everyone to enjoy.

I found some time to sit in the shade and finished spinning some merino/silk blend that I had dyed and prepared before Christmas. It is now sitting happily in my Etsy shop, and I can think about what shade I might like to dye next.

But first I promised this little friend of mine a swim in the river.

He has waited so patiently for me and is contemplating having to resort to begging.
I am looking after Olly whilst his family are having a much needed break away. I have tried to make it a permanent arrangement ( he is my son's dog) but he is just loved far too much, and everyone wants him !
But I think he likes it best living here with me :-)


Lori ann said...

Your yarn is gorgeous, i love aqua blue, and so is Olly. I think your right Sally, he seems to have a special smile for you!
(my computer is behaving a bit better).

Jessicah Win said...

Lovely colours, and spinning! It looks like Olly might be in need of a swim under all that hair!

BellaBree said...

yummy aqua colour - LOVE it x

pebbledash said...

Lovely colours...and lovely Olly, not surprised you'd like to keep him!

Wishing you a wonderful February.


speckled egg said...

What a cute dog!

greenvalleycrafts said...

beautiful wool, looks summery and cool even though its too hot for knitting!