Saturday, July 26, 2008


Driving up from Wiltshire yesterday we arrived in Salisbury, the home of this magnificent Cathedral.

This year Salisbury are celebrating the 750 anniversary since the Cathedral was built, and there was a very interesting display of the history, and a time line of all the momentous events leading up to the present day.

Now we are in the heart of Hampshire, and the weather has been glorious. We are visiting more family ( on Ian's side this time) and today we spent a wonderful time exploring beautiful Winchester.

Another magnificant Cathedral here at Winchester.
I am speeding along with Uncle Tim's pullover, and have finished the back and front. Just the sleeves to do now.


Stephen said...

Hi Sally, Lovely photos once again. We had patchwork on Monday - Lesley is back from France, was wonderful to see her. She had a lovely time. Nelson had stormy weather today - trees blew down at Mum and Dad's and at Stephen's Mum's house too. Hope all's well at your place! Love Jackie

caireen said...

how lovely! I didn't realise you were blogging on your travels and that you were in the UK! I worked near Salisbury and Winchester once, it's a lovely part of the world, and was born in Kent & I remember those cherries so well! Hope you have a lovely trip - are you coming over the border this time? cx

fini said...

Hi Sally,

did you see any Godolphin Girls in Salisbury cathedral?
Clare & I went to the cathedral once a month when we were at school, boaters and all! It is such an awe inspiring building, and the close is so pretty. There has been a shocking easterly wind here, the Gill's have lost trees and Phyllis Cowan her roof; Isel Park has lost a third of their trees, it is crazy, and v sad.

Your holiday looks brilliant, we look forward to hearing adventures when you get home - love fini and john