Monday, September 1, 2008

Cherry Cake for Tea

When we visited my family in England recently, we were spoilt with some delicious baking.

We munched our way through big slices of Lemon Drizzle cake, Dundee cake, Flapjacks and Cherry Cake, ( just to mention a few) all baked by my Aunty and cousins and the eating of which, reminded me again of my childhood.
Coming home from school to these delights on the kitchen table, the sixties hits playing on the little Roberts radio on the dresser, and the wonderful aromas that were coming from Mum's trusty Aga oven, are sweet memories.

I have been trying to create the perfect Cherry Cake and have made three attempts in the last week using Delia Smith's recipe. However I was not happy with any of them and couldn't work out what I was doing wrong. This morning I phoned my Aunt in Kent and asked for her W.I. recipe, which is very similar to Delia's except that it bakes at a slower temp. for longer.
The top is sweet and crunchy.The middle is light and crumbly, and the cherries are well dispersed and the sides of the cake are soft and chewy.
I am really pleased with this result and I hope it will work every time and this one isn't a FLUKE !

I am going to pass it around tonight for supper. Monday nights are the time my friends and I meet up for some serious stitching, knitting and eating..oh and talking of course. My favourite night of the week.

Do you remember the Enid Blyton books about girls in boarding schools and their midnight feasts.? I think their tuck boxes usually held a cherry cake or two !


Anonymous said...

Well done mum! Looks perfect:)

serenitymeadow said...
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Audrey said...

You brought back memories of when M&S used to sell cakes by the piece! Loved their cherry cake. Would the WI allow you to share the recipe? Pretty please.

kimberlee said...

this cake looks amazing, what kind of cherries are those? are they candied cherries? where do you get them?


Christy said...

I read Enid Blyton as a child. I just loved her mystery stories. Yes they always had a tuck box in boarding school with a cherry cake.

Yes it's a very Teatime cake.

kimberlee said...

hi again,
just to let you know that I got your parcel, THANKS!!!!

I posted some photos on my blog.

hope you are enjoying this spring weather.