Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Would you like a slice

Would you like a slice ??

of my Cherry Cake ? Yes, I've made another one and it tastes just as good as the first, so I thought I would share the recipe.
Here goes:

Cherry Cake from the W.I.recipe book


4 ozs glace cherries, 4 0zs butter, 4 ozs margarine( I used Weightwatchers Canola Spread),8 ozs castor sugar, 3 large eggs, 4ozs ground almonds, 8 ozs plain flour, 1tsp Baking Powder, 1 tsp almond essence,1 tsp demerara sugar for sprinkling on the top of the cake.


Heat oven to 140 degrees C and prepare and line a deep round tin. Wash and dry the cherries and cut in halves. Cream butter, sugar, and margarine together. Whisk eggs and gradually add to the creamed mixture. Add almond essence and cherries. Fold in gently the seived flour and B.P. and the ground almonds. Put mixture in tin and sprinkle demerara sugar on the top of the cake. Bake for 2 1/4 hours at 140 degreesC or 275 F.

Good luck!!!


pebbledash said...

This looks delicious...I'll definitely be trying it!

caireen Todd said...

yes! I am tempted by all your baking! x