Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Life

We had a happy day on Sunday visiting our son and his family on the dairy farm he manages.

They have struggled through three snowfalls over the winter months, which is highly unusual for this province, but now there are signs of spring everywhere.

This little puppy is almost two weeks old and has eight siblings.

Storm, the proud hard working Mum.

These are a few of the many calves that our daughter-in-law Sylvia has been hand rearing. They are just beautiful, and their shiny coats prove the loving care that they receive from her.

These two are both friesan calves but the one on the right has a special gene..the red factor.

Number 10 became very curious. I think she rather liked my knitted jacket, she might have been hoping that I would knit her something stylish too.

Perhaps a warm bonnet, with openings for the ears, a fetching little number in red. That would make her stand out from the crowd !


pebbledash said...

Oh, the puppy! What is it about young animals that make them so enticing ( the calves too) the magnolias in the post below, too. D x

Melissa said...

lovely shiny cows!
could almost smell that crisp farm-y air. :)