Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Colour of Spring

In my garden I have so many wonderful things going on...the tulips are growing tall on their lovely long stems and the anemones have such sweet cheery faces. The stocks are sending a very strong perfumed message to the bees and the weeping cherries are weeping very prettily.

I have lived and worked in this garden for thirty three years and I can remember on many occasions when friends have visited and made comments like.."oh I can see that you love gardening, you must spend hours and hours looking after it all" !

I nearly always would reply "No I don't like gardening, I would much rather be in my workshop sewing...gardening is too much like housework!"

This morning though, as I was wandering around looking at all the new flowers that seem to have appeared since yesterday, I had a wave of extreme thankfulness wash over me and I realised that this garden is such an amazing gift, a legacy left to me by the previous generations of Ian's family...the mother, grandmother and great grandmother. How very lucky am I to be the custodian of this place for now!


pebbledash said...

Such glorious colour - I especially love anenomes. And you are clearly a wonderful custodian.
D x

pinkflowerbuttons said...

Spring is just glorious, lovely flowers.